Infrastructure Upgrade and VoIP System Installation

Site Tech Services’ client made it easier for customers to reach sales and service consultants, allowed employees to work more efficiently, and saved money on monthly communication bills.


  • Franchise Automotive Dealership
  • Tampa, Florida
  • 120 Employees

  • Help callers reach the right person, the first time
  • Meet the needs of employees, customers, and vendors
  • Upgrade existing equipment while cutting costs

  • Upgraded network infrastructure to gigabit Ethernet with PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Upgraded aging digital PBX phone system to Cisco BE6000 Unified Communications System

  • Network reliability
  • Better quality sound for incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Lower monthly phone payments and brand new, modern, reliable equipment
  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction


The Client is an automotive dealership located in Tampa, Florida. In addition to selling new and pre-owned automobiles to local residents for the past 24 years, the family-owned business is home to one of the largest wholesale auto parts distribution centers in the southeastern United States. The parts distribution center is an incredibly profitable aspect of the business.

Strongly committed to customer service and satisfaction, the client strives to ensure that callers promptly reach the right department. In the automotive industry, making sure that prospective buyers can easily contact the dealership is critical. If phone calls and emails are not answered promptly, a local competitor may get the sale. In addition to affecting immediate automobile sales, future service and parts revenue may also be affected.

Previously, the company’s aging Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone system and outdated network infrastructure inhibited both customer service and company income. Frequent system outages meant regular downtime, leading to deferred and possibly forfeited face-to-face sales with consumers as well as wholesale parts orders.

The client wanted to make improvements that would meet the following goals:

  • Make it easier for callers to reach the sales, service, and parts departments
  • Replace employees’ dated desktop telephones with modern, fully-functional VoIP phones
  • Improve collaboration by making it easier for employees to reach their coworkers in other offices
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership and monthly payments for the communications system and network infrastructure
  • Create a more pleasant work environment for employees with properly functioning equipment


The dealership decided to replace its PBX system and outdated network infrastructure with a centralized Unified Communications system that would send voice traffic over the IP network.

After evaluating different vendors, the company chose Cisco Unified Communications because of its solution quality and the presence of local Cisco partners.

Site Tech Services, a Premier Certified Cisco Partner with an Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization headquartered in Tampa, deployed the network infrastructure and Cisco Business Edition 6000 with full-featured redundancy at the company. When callers dial the wholesale parts department, they are prompted to press a number to reach a certain individual. When callers dial the dealership, a live receptionist answers the phone and directs all calls.

All employees now use Cisco Unified IP phones and have enterprise chat installed on their computers, meaning easier communication with customers as well as colleagues.


After the updates made by Site Tech Services, the client experienced the following results:

Improved customer experience:  New and existing customers can now reach the right department and the correct person in much less time. Both customers and employees have noticed the improved service.

Improved work environment and productivity: In addition to better sound quality during phone calls, the new infrastructure with redundant power backup has practically eliminated the outages and downtime that been routine and expected in the past.

Detailed reporting for continual improvement:  Cisco Unified Communications Manager provides detail about every incoming and outgoing call as well as every phone. The company can now access reports to monitor the experience for callers, identifying opportunities for improvement.

Lower monthly payments and new equipment:  Site Tech Services reviewed the client’s telecom expenses and was able to reduce monthly telecom costs by over $2300 per month. The company qualified for a 60-month $1 buyout lease through Cisco Capital Finance, with monthly payments equal to their monthly telecom savings. After 60 months, all equipment is paid in full and the dealership will continue to take advantage of the telecom savings.

For More Information

To learn more about Cisco Unified Communications and receive a free on-site evaluation, visit or call toll-free 1-844-SITE TECH.


  • Cisco 3560X, Cisco 2960X, and Cisco 2960C Switches
  • Cisco ASA 5515-X Security Appliance
  • Cisco ASA 5505 Security Appliance


  • Cisco BE6000 System on  UCS C220 M3 Server Hardware
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Cisco Unity Connection
  • Cisco IM & Presence
  • Cisco 2951 Gateway
  • Cisco 7965G & 7945G IP Phones

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