Auto Dealership WiFi

WiFi for Auto Dealerships

Customer Waiting Area w/ Wi-Fi

Radius Authentication.  Wave 2.  What does this all mean?  If you haven’t heard of these terms yet, you certainly will soon!  WiFi in the auto dealership is becoming more prevalent by the day.  OEMs, such as GM, Honda and others, are issuing memos requiring dealerships to comply with certain WiFi requirements. In Florida, we’re receiving calls from dealership groups and GMs that they’ve received notice that they need to be sure all dealership-owned equipment is using radius authentication.  Others are requiring at least 30Mbps bandwidth on WiFi connected vehicles in the showroom and/or the use of Wave 2 technology.  This means that the home WiFi router purchased at Best Buy isn’t going to cut it.

With over 18 years of WiFi implementation experience, Site Tech Services can design, install and support a modern WiFi solution for your auto dealership that meets all of the requirements of OEMs and technical savvy customers. We can configure multiple SSID/networks to accommodate internal devices, BYOD programs, customer waiting areas and cutting-edge shop tools.

Some features of our WiFi solution:

  • Scalability – WiFi grows as your dealership grows
  • Long-Range Connectivity – 400+ ft capable
  • Dual-Band WiFi – simultaneously offer 2.4 and 5 GHz bands up to 450 Mbps.
  • Affordable Enterprise-grade Wireless – WiFi for much less than you think!
  • No ongoing licensing fees – controller and APs are a one-time purchase.

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