Auto Dealership Phone Systems

Is your auto dealership in the market to replace an outdated business phone system? No tool can be more impactful to dealership operations than a new 3CX phone system.

With an award-winning* 3CX phone system, you have features such as mobile apps, call presence, call recording, reporting and more! This feature-rich solution will give your dealership a competitive edge over rivals.

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3CX for the Dealership General Manager

  • 3CX offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by eliminating complex, per-user licensing models.  3CX licensing typically mirrors the number of simultaneous phone calls available from the telco, so by adding additional users to a department, you’re not burdened by having to purchase additional licenses.
  • 3CX mobile applications allow you to take calls anywhere you’re at: on your laptop (Windows & Mac softphone) or Apple and Android mobile devices. You can make inbound and outbound calls, transfer calls, and even extension dial right from your mobile device.
  • 3CX call reporting allows you to review call patterns to help you optimize staff and call-flow for faster, more direct customer care.
  • 3CX conferencing allows you to create ad-hoc or scheduled conference calls.
  • 3CX call recording allows you to maintain voice recordings of phone calls for predetermined calls or impromptu recording.

3CX for the Sales Department

  • Contact center features such as agent sign in, call queuing, presence, call recording and real time queue statistics turn a traditional BDC into a call center powerhouse!
  • 3CX mobile applications allow your sales staff to send and receive calls whether they are in the building or on the lot.  With several mobile applications to choose from, the entire sales department is only a button away: on a Windows laptop or tablet (Windows & Mac softphone) or Apple and Android mobile devices.
  • 3CX call recording allows sales managers to replay calls for training and quality assurance purposes.
  • With the 3CX Assistant, managers can listen, whisper and barge in on live calls to assist in sales staff conversations.

3CX for the Service Department

  • Call mobility untethers service writers and technicians from their desks and stations giving them the freedom to roam while on a call.
  • Auto attendant and call queuing helps the direct service department calls to the correct person for appointments, status updates, etc.
  • Call and queue reports allow managers to view statistics about number of calls received, calls missed and make decisions about call flow optimization.

3CX for the Receptionist/Concierge

  • With support of a wide range of modern phones, gone are the days of having a huge operator-type phone with hundreds of buttons. Touch-screen phones allow reception staff to swipe through screens to locate the person or extension they’re seeking.
  • A web-based management console allows for a quick and easy view of every phone/extension in the dealership and the presence status.
  • Flexible paging options allow for zoned pages within the dealership.  3CX also supports integration with existing overhead and lot paging.

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