Project: New Franchise Auto Dealership

New construction of a high-end franchise automobile dealership. They were looking for a complete network infrastructure, including a VoIP phone solution, network switching, network security, indoor and outdoor wireless, desktop computers and printers. We installed and manage all of the I.T infrastructure.

  • Create a complete, seamless network infrastructure to support a high-tech dealership experience
  • High-end auto dealership strongly devoted to excellent service and customer satisfaction
  • Employee access to wireless network resources whether inside or outside the facility
  • Complete coverage of IP surveillance system throughout the campus
  • Clean, high-tech look of desktop workstations and printers
  • Fiber optic cabling to light poles throughout the campus parking area
  • Rugged network switches capable of withstanding elements of the outdoors
  • 50+ indoor and outdoor wireless access points
  • Built 144 TB device for storage of high definition surveillance video
  • Provided 27″ curved screen desktop monitors throughout the facility
  • Installed enterprise Cisco Catalyst 2960X switches in a stacked configuration
  • Reliable, campus-wide wireless network infrastructure
  • High-speed wired network infrastructure
  • Secure network firewall with a full suite of services
  • Flexible VoIP phone system including state-of-the-art Android-based phones
  • Complete Managed Services support for all IT infrastructure