Wireless Networks

WaaS (Wireless as a Service)

State of the art wireless has never been so easy!  With WaaS, we provide your facility with a wireless network fully supported, managed and serviced in return for a single monthly fee. Our WaaS eliminates the financial and management burden of capital purchasing. With our Wireless as a Service, you pay a flat monthly fee, just like you would when taking out a mobile phone contract, over a 3 year term. We will then provide you with the latest 802.11ac wireless network system, fully installed, configured, managed and supported by our team of specialists.

Why choose WaaS?
By choosing a WaaS solution, this allows you to accurately plan and budget your costs for a wireless network infrastructure. There are no extra expenses for support or maintenance, and no surprises at the end of your contract – just a  simple and easy to manage payment plan that gives your facility the wireless infrastructure it needs.

Ubiquiti UniFi Enterprise WiFi Systems

Ubiquiti Networks is one of the fastest growing Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions with seamless integration of enterprise-level wireless access points, switching, and gateway firewalls.

With Ubiquiti UniFi products, you have powerful management of remote sites within a centralized software control panel. With a quick glance, you can see if any of your devices are experiencing issues.  Install, configure, and manage your devices from your mobile device with the UniFi mobile app.

Ubiquiti Networks’ product lines include enterprise features at a price businesses can afford. For more information on a custom wireless solution, contact us today at (813) 549-5700.