Cisco Unified Communications can help address the challenge today’s organizations face as they contend with increasingly complex environments that feature a wide array of communications methods. Employees, business partners, and customers now conduct business using seemingly infinite combinations of phones, voice messaging, e-mail, fax, mobile clients and rich-media conferencing could benefit from a Cisco phone system.

Cisco phone systemWithout unified communications, however, these tools are often not used as effectively as they could be. The result is misdirected communications that delay decisions, slow down processes, and reduce productivity.

Cisco Unified communications allows businesses to collaborate in real time using advanced applications from an integrated, easy-to-use interface. These applications include:

  • Enterprise-grade VoIP Phone System
  • Voicemail, Automated-Attendant, Night Service
  • Integrated voice and video conferencing
  • Mobile IP software phones
  • Corporate Instant Messaging
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center

Today, with the Cisco Unified Communications system of voice, video, and IP Communications products, these benefits are greater than ever. Instead of simply connecting products, the Cisco Unified Communications system provides structure and intelligence to help organizations integrate their communications more closely with business processes, and ensure that information reaches recipients quickly, through the most appropriate medium.

For best in class network infrastructure, deploy Cisco Catalyst switches and a Cisco wireless solution along with your Cisco Unified Communications platform, consisting of Cisco CallManager, Cisco Unity, Cisco IM & Presence for industry-best reliability.