See the lady in the stock picture I so carefully selected? That could be you if you fully utilized your VoIP Phone system.

Hosted Voice packs a host of fantastic features that, when used, can give your business a competitive edge in efficiency, collaboration and customer service.

Some of the features listed here may only apply to 3CX – but if you feel like you’re missing out give us a ring and we can switch you over!


Download your VoIP’s app – Access your business phone from wherever you have WiFi or Data. That includes making and receiving calls, accessing your voicemail and setting your status. The added ‘insurance’ for this is that if in the rare instance your office is no longer accessible (Hurricanes and flooding are real risks here in Florida) you and your employees could still answer and use their business phones as long as they have WiFi or Data.

Sign in on the web portal from any PC or laptop – Just like with the app, as long as your PC or Laptop has WiFi you can make and receive calls through the web portal of your business’s phone system. Plug in your headset or use the inbuilt microphone and speakers and you’re good to go!


Instant messenger – Allow your employees to send messages, links and more at no additional cost without sharing personal phone numbers or the need of a third-party messenger.

Presence – This feature gives you the ability to see the status of all your employees. Now you can avoid unnecessary call transfers and voicemail tags, know when your colleagues are free for your own communications, and set your status to avoid being disturbed when you need time to focus on a project.

Conference calling – hold a face to face meeting almost instantly through web-based portals. With Site Tech you can have an unlimited number of users signed up, and sessions host a maximum of 25-250 people at a time depending on which type of subscription you have with us.


Install Click2Call – Start a phone call at the click of a button. Download a Chrome or Firefox extension, or integrate with your CRM to allow your phone to outbound dial numbers you click with your mouse. The 3CX system Site Tech sells and installs integrates with more CRMs than any other VoIP System. (I personally find this feature so convenient!)

Integrate with your Fax – Yes fax is still a thing even in the modern day. By integrating your fax with your VoIP system, you can set incoming faxes to convert into PDF form and be delivered to your email inbox.

VoIP has so many amazing features, but they are useless if they go unused. Make sure you are getting the most out of your VoIP system, and just maybe you’ll be as happy as this guy.

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