VoIP Phone Systems use your existing internet infrastructure to make and receive calls rather than traditional phone cables, and this has opened up a world of opportunities in the Business Phone world.

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems are a more recent development where the phone system is hosted in the cloud. Why should you choose a Hosted VoIP Phone System for your business?

Cost effective, Scalable and Flexible

With VoIP you are only restricted by the speed and bandwidth of your internet. Staff can log into any machine that is connected to your network to make and receive calls, and you can make and give new numbers to new staff instantaneously.

Cloud Hosted VoIPs offer even more flexibility, as long as you have an internet or Data connection you can log into your phone system and make and receive calls – wherever you are – on laptop, phone or mobile. If you plan on moving office your staff can just log in to the new location and access their phone – no need to move an entire phone system because it’s all in the cloud! The ultimate system for phone for business.

Boosts Productivity and Collaboration

A study from 2006 titled The Business Case for Enterprise VoIP found that when staff swtched from a traditional phone system to a VoIP phone system, productivity increased dramatically. The study nicely converts this productivity into real dollar savings per year per employee from boosted productivity – a key example included saving $155.

Now this study was over a decade ago – VoIP has progressed even further through integration with CRMs, Office, Email and mobile phones – all of which allow you to work faster, harder and quicker without being slowed down by your tech.

Advanced Customer Service Functions and Integration

VoIP systems from most providers can integrate with you other web or app programs. This allows for advanced customer service functions that are the cause for that above-mentioned productivity boost and allows for your staff to give your customers a fantastic user experience.

For example – 3CX, the system Site Tech uses and sells to clients, integrates with email, helpdesk software, call reporting and more CRMs than any other VoIP system.

The Business world is becoming far more fast paced, we can’t afford to waste time manually entering data into numerous programs when today it should all be automatic.

Disaster Preparation

Let’s say you have a traditional phone system with copper wires. Now lightning strikes (as it often does here in Florida). All your copper, and the phones connected to them are fried. That is a lot of money replacing them.

Now let’s say you have a VoIP phone system that’s hosted internally in your business. Now there’s a fire, or a flood, or a hurricane, or all three at once. That is A LOT of money replacing your whole system.

So now, you’re on a cloud hosted VoIP system. Got internet and a mobile phone? You’re good to go where ever you are.

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See Site Tech’s hosted VoIP offering here: https://sitetechservices.com/cloud-services/cloud-hosted-voip


Sacker, Stephen & Santaiti, Matthew & Spence, Catherine. (2006). The Business Case for Enterprise VoIP