Hurricane season can be devastating to all types of businesses here in Florida. In a world where business is ever more reliant on technology it is important to ensure that your IT continues to function, is safe from the storm or at the very least that you can recover quickly from any damage sustained.

Here are four services that MSPs provide that protect your business from the operational and monetary costs of a hurricane:

  1. Remote Support: Sometimes the weather is bad but not evacuation worthy, in which case business carries on! The weather can still be disruptive, and having dedicated IT support is essential to ensure minimal disruption to your business.
  2. Cloud Services: Hurricanes bring wind, rain, flood and fire – all things that can cause physical damage to your IT hardware. If all of your company’s IT is onsite and your building is damaged, you will have lost a huge amount of money. An added benefit is that should you have to evacuate you would still be able to access your company’s IT and Phones as long as you have an internet connection. Here are three Cloud Services you should look at:
    • Cloud Backup: A cloud back up protects your data from being destroyed. Should an onsite server or computer be destroyed, a copy of the stored data exists in the cloud back up and is safe.
    • Cloud Server: Your server can’t be destroyed if it is in the Cloud! Virtualizing your server and hosting it in the cloud keeps it safe from damage via hurricane, saving you’re the financial cost of replacing a physical onsite server.
    • Cloud Hosted VoIP Phone: Having your phone system in the cloud means it too can’t be damaged by the physical forces of a hurricane.
  3. Asset Management: Imagine a scenario where the worst happens: you come back to your office after a hurricane and it is simultaneously blown over, flooded and on fire. Your IT is gone. Do you have the documents to give to an insurer? MSPs offer Asset Management, meaning they can produce an in-depth report of every IT device in your network – exactly the kind of documents you need for insurance.
  4. Design and Install: Whatever isbroken must be replace. An MSP will work with you to purchase and install your replacement hardware, depending on how involved they are they may help you with the insurance process as well. The faster you can get back up and running from a hurricane the faster you can start re-earning lost profit, and having an MSP to back you up is invaluable in a period of uncertainty.

Those were four services an MSP provides that can help your business in Hurricane season. To learn more and enquire about Site Tech Service please call us at (813) 549-5700 or email us at


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