By 2020 there could be more than 5 million tech positions unfilled as demand grows and supply struggles to keep up. This is according to Linux Academy’s infographic ‘The Tech Skills Gap: By the Numbers’. Finding internal IT people is going to become more and more difficult, and is already challenging due to the fast-growing reliance businesses have on IT and the speed this IT develops.

Taking on an MSP would be a smart move in ensuring your company is receiving the IT support it needs to succeed, but perception may be holding you or your boss from taking an MSP on. Here are 6 myths about MSPS busted.

Myth 1: MSPs are too Expensive

When you take on an MSP they work with you to design a contract that fits your budget. Many MSPs such as Site Tech Services charge on a per device managed per month basis, meaning you only pay for what you need and your costs scale. The price of an MSP can often work out the same price if not cheaper than having internal IT, and provides consistent service unaffected by sick days, PTO, holidays, or losing IT staff.

On top of that, having an MSP saves you costs in many areas; increased up time, faster resolution of problems and protection from data loss can save a business a lot of money, time, and reputation.

Myth 2: MSPs won’t Prioritize my Business

Just as your services and your customers are your priority, an MSP’s sole existence is to ensure the IT of its customers is up and running. MSPs succeed when you succeed, your growth is their growth. To support this, you will have a Service Level Agreement with your MSP that lays out the times required for the MSP to respond to reported problems.

Myth 3: MSPs are All the Same

Every MSP is different. They all exist to support IT, but the specific portfolio of products and services offered, team at the helpdesk and on the road, and industry specific specialization all differ. There will be an MSP out there that offers the services you need, has the right make up of staff, and is experienced in working with your industry and the specific IT requirements and problems that come with it.

Myth 4: My Business can do Everything In-house

You could do, but it would be very expensive. An MSP has a large team of IT professionals with years of experience and huge partner networks, to have your own team with the same capabilities in-house would require a huge IT budget. An MSP also has individuals with advanced skills and qualifications whose skills you may only need on occasion. Having an individual like this internally would not make sense, but hiring temporarily is also a huge cost. Having an MSP gives you access to these individuals often within your Managed Services Contract.

Myth 5: Outsourcing my IT is a Security Risk

Using an MSP is not like traditional outsourcing; an MSP is an IT partner and acts like your IT department. They care about your business’s IT and keeping it secure is a priority. MSPs usually offer managed security services, such as firewalls, network monitoring, two factor authentication, spam filters and anti-virus software. An MSP is actually the more secure choice due to the wide reaching experience, qualifications and knowledge they can offer.

Myth 6: MSPs will Replace my Internal IT

An MSP can take replace your internal IT, but they can also augment them. This would involve the MSP taking over routine tasks, freeing the internal IT staff for strategic projects and giving them access to the MSP’s engineers for advice and partner networks for procurement.

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The Tech Skills Gap: By the Numbers Infographic