When it comes to your workplace’s IT, do you identify with the person above? If so, something needs to change.

You have heard of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and know that they would benefit your business, but you don’t know how to tell the boss. Whether your boss is trying to keep costs down, has a break/fix mindset or just doesn’t know there is an alternative, this blog is here to help you with key information that can help your boss onto the path of taking on an MSP, and your company onto a path to better IT.

The problems you are currently facing:

First up make sure you know the problems you are facing. Here are some top problems that cause companies to lose money and productivity, and cause staff to lose motivation over their work:

  • Staff are fixing their own IT: You and your colleagues are fixing your own IT, either because you have no internal IT, or your internal IT is overwhelmed. Maybe one member of your non-IT staff is serving as your IT person, taking them away from their real job. You COO should not be setting up computers. Your Marketing Manager should not be fighting cyber-attacks. Your intern should not be poking around with the Wi-Fi. Every minute non-IT staff spend trying to fix their own IT is a minute they have not been doing the job your company hired them to do.
  • IT problems cause long disruptions: IT problems, even small ones, cause mass disruption. Today’s high-tech workplace can often mean that when IT fails, we can’t do our jobs. The moment your company’s staff can’t work, the loss of money, productivity and reputation begins to grow rapidly.
  • There is a current emergency that break/fix can’t solve: Everything is figuratively on fire (MSPs do not put out literal fires) and you just can’t fix it. Maybe you have lost all of your company’s information, maybe lightning stuck and destroyed your phones (it happens here in Florida) or maybe you are being held hostage by ransomware. There is no one internally that can fix this, and break/fix is unable or too expensive.

Be it low staff morale, loss of money or the fact your company is at a stand still due to IT issues, make sure you express to your boss that these IT problems are stopping you and your colleagues doing your jobs as effectively as you can, and despite the perceived savings, your current IT solution is  in fact costing your company more in many different ways.

The Solutions an MSP provides:

With your problems established, now is the time to explain how an MSP is the solution. Here are three benefits that MSPs offer that apply to most situations your company could be in.

  • Expertise:Something breaks, your staff call your MSP, your MSP experts fixes it. Having an expert only a call or email away dedicated to fixing your company’s IT saves you so much time and money, and means that your staff can actually do what they were hired to do.
  • Fast resolutions: An MSP exists to solve IT issues, therefore is experienced in resolving IT issues quickly and efficiently. And to accompany that, when you hire your MSP you should have a Service Level Agreement that sets out time frames that issues should be resolved in.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Monitoring around the clock means that major emergencies can be avoided, and issues may be fixed before you or your colleagues are even aware. If a major issue does occur, you already have an expert team ready to jump into action and resolve your problem.

You can relate these solutions directly to the problems they solve. But the real selling points are in the outcomes.

Outcomes of having an MSP:

This is key, this is where you explain how having an MSP will affect the key performance indicators of a company. Through fast resolution of issues, continuous monitoring, subscription rather than on demand and access to the technology partners MSPs have, MSPs cause your company to have:

  • Lower costs: You are cost saving in 3 areas:
    1. Cost of non-IT staff spending time fixing IT issues
    2. Cost of downtime when staff can’t work
    3. Cost of break/fix services
  • Reduced stress: The stress of trying to fix issues you don’t understand, of losing all of your work, of managing all of the subscriptions your company needs to pay, is all taken away by you MSP. Workplace IT bliss can be achieved!
  • Reduced risk: With continuous monitoring of your IT you reduce the risk of a catastrophic IT problem or successful cyber-attack. And if something does happen, you instantly have the full support of experts ready to help you, and you have already paid them to! You reduce the monetary, productivity, and reputational costs of major IT issues.

Talk to your boss today!

Armed with the problems, the solutions and the outcomes, you should be able to put together an effective case for your boss. At the end of the day you want to do a good job, and if your company’s IT is holding you back you need to let your boss know.

Bonus: For internal IT

MSPs are not trying to take your job, far from it. MSPs can serve as a business’s sole IT solution or can augment existing IT staff such as yourself. This carries three benefits for you and your business:

  1. MSPs can take over routine tasks, giving you more time for strategic projects
  2. Working with an MSP means you have access to their large technology partner networks
  3. You have access to our helpdesk and advanced engineers for advice and guidance

Recommending an MSP to augment you can improve your job satisfaction and the ensures your company’s IT is running at its best, so don’t fear the MSP!

Want to recommend an MSP? Choose Site Tech Services – a Tampa based managed IT services provider with 22 years’ experience keeping business’s IT up and running, safe and secure. You can contact us at (813) 549-5700 or email us at sales@sitetechservices.comto ask for more information or get the ball rolling!

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash