5 Technologies your Small to Medium Sized Business should be using in 2019

Technology is indisputably a crucial part of modern-day business. Too often lacking certain technologies or using them wrong can hold a business back, when they are designed to drive business forward. Here are 5 technologies your Small to Medium Sized Business should be using in 2019:

  1. Email addresses with your Company’s Domain

An email domain is the part of the email address that comes after ‘@’, for example there are free domains like @outlook.co.uk and @gmail.com, and then company specific domains like @sitetechservices.com.

No matter how big or small your business is, your email address should have a company specific email domain. Any person can make a free email with domains like @gmail.com, but if you want to be seen as a professional and committed business, you need to prove it. Take a look at these two examples, which email are you more likely to trust?

    • Sitetechservicestom@gmail.com
    • Thomas.rolls@sitetechservices.com
  1. Commercial Licenses

We come across many SMBs who are using software licenses that aren’t for commercial use. For example, there are businesses out there that use Microsoft Office 365 Home or Student, which you are not allowed to use for business. This could be for many reasons, many situations are unintentional such as where a business was unaware that you needed commercial licenses, or in an effort for rapid expansion bought the wrong licenses, but we also see businesses using the wrong licenses to cut costs.

Whatever the reason, this practice does carry consequences. There is an organization called ‘BSA | The Software Alliance’ that is a leading advocate for the software industry. One of the things they do is ensure that businesses are using software licenses legally through audits and sue businesses who they catch using incorrect licenses. Their members include Microsoft, Adobe and Apple among other big software names.

  1. Reliable Internet

A huge amount of business and business tasks are done online. Way back in 2014, a survey by the Pew Research Center found that 94% of jobholders were internet users. Slow internet effects almost everyone in the workplace, causing low efficiency, high stress, and poor reputation.

Small Business Trends explains the time cost best: ‘If you or your employees spend half of each day online doing research, accessing systems or dealing with customers and vendors, that amounts to 4 hours per day. If 5 percent of that time is wasted due to slowness, over a year’s time that’s 50 hours per employee. If 10 percent is wasted, it’s 100 hours per year per employee. Add it up and it could be many thousands of dollars lost.’

  1. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is only getting more important. Attempted attacks are getting more common, and continued success is only encouraging the bad guy. Don’t think because your business is too small it isn’t a target, quite the opposite. Because bad guys know you are less likely to have dedicated security budgets, they see you as easy targets to successfully attack and profit from.

Your business needs cybersecurity; Firewalls, Security Software, Spam Filters, and Multi-Factor Authentication are some basic security technologies you should have in place. Although these products and services can’t prevent all attacks, they do stop the majority. Without cyber security technology in place it is a not a question of if but when your company will be hit, and how much it will cost you – far more than cybersecurity would have in the first place.

  1. The Cloud

The Cloud is a huge computer system that you pay to access for a certain amount of time over the internet. The use cases for the Cloud are vast, but there are two broad benefits that every SMB can benefit from:

    1. The Cloud is a safe place to store your business’s data as a backup. That way if your office burns down, is struck by lightning, is destroyed by a hurricane or is held hostage by hackers, you haven’t lost your data as copies are safely stored in the cloud.
    2. Cloud Platforms allow business files to be accessed securely from anywhere. This allows you and your staff to collaborate easily when in different locations, work remotely, or access files when travelling for work.


These were 5 Technologies your SMB should be using in 2019. A great way to professionally and efficiently acquire and set up these technologies is through a Managed IT Services Provider like Site Tech Services. For a monthly fee, Site Tech Services will design, install and manage your IT, ensuring your technology is not holding you back but driving you and your business forward. Contact us today at Sales@sitetechservices.comor (813) 549-5700



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