5 Reasons why you shouldn’t hire an unlicensed Low-Voltage Electrical Contractor.

Site Tech Services is a State of Florida Certified Limited Energy Electrical Specialty contractor (low voltage contractor) and we are proud of it. However, we see that there are businesses out there that will hire unlicensed contractors, and it is usually because they are able to undercut licensed professionals. But in the long run hiring an unlicensed contractor could cost you and your business far more than the savings you perceived.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t hire an unlicensed contractor:

  1. It is illegal and you can be fined up to $5000

    According to the Florida Statutes, a person who knowingly hires an unlicensed contractor can be fined up to $5000. The link to the Statutes section is in the references if you want to find the exact wording, but it is very clear that hiring an unlicensed contractor is illegal and many organizations are cracking down on it. The Electrical Council of Florida has hotlines dedicated to reporting unlicensed activity.
  1. There is no quality guarantee on work performedAn unlicensed contractor is unlicensed for a reason. To be licensed you need to pass exams which prove education and experience in the work that they perform and the codes they need to conform to. With an unlicensed contractor there is no guarantee, they could be anyone with any level of experience or education, and since they are unlicensed it is very probable that they don’t have adequate experience or education. This will reflect in their work, which means you may need to hire in a further licensed contactor to fix the work of the unlicensed contractor, and this new contractor has every right to report you to the authorities.
  1. Your insurance won’t cover damages from illegal or unlicensed contractorsBe prepared for unlimited liability. Most insurance companies won’t cover damage done by an unlicensed contractor that you knowingly hire. If your unlicensed contractor breaks a wall, drills through a water pipe or starts a fire, all that cost falls on you. This may also cause your insurance company to cancel your policy.
  1. Usually uninsured – are you ready to pay for medical bills?Many unlicensed contractors operate without general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. This could be down to cost cutting, or health insurance companies won’t cover them. If one of the unlicensed contractors gets injured on your jobsite, they can sue you to cover medical bills.
  1. Unlicensed Contractors often underbid licensed contractorsWe are all trying to do what we do best – run out businesses. We all do different things and have different goals, but we all benefit when we work together. We must support our law-abiding licensed contractors. How would you feel if a company that broke laws, did shoddy jobs and hurt companies in the long run put you out of business by undercutting your prices?

Those were 5 reasons why you shouldn’t hire an unlicensed contractor. Looking for a licensed Low-voltage electrical cable contractor? Site Tech Services is State of Florida Certified Limited Energy Electrical Specialty contractor (State of Florida License Number ES12001780.)  See more here, or call us at (813) 549-5700.

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